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inspiration and influences 

My favorite commercial is the Guardian’s “Three Little Pigs.” I remember watching it as a young journalist and getting super pumped about going out and seeking the truth. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a Trekkie. Some people watch friends or Seinfeld over and over again, I watch Star Trek. My favorite character has always been Commander Data. 

Ira Glass’s ability to make seemingly any topic both entertaining and compelling has had a major influence on the way I craft stories and present my ideas.

I was once told by a friend that my fashion story is Yacht Rock. As a fan of Billy Joel, Hall and Oates, and navy blazers I would say she was spot on. 

“I am rich” is a legendary example of communicating the true feeling of a brand. It leans into the fact that people drink High Life because it’s cheap, but makes them feel good.

This was one of my favorite campaigns of 2018, from the art direction to copy the overall strategy, it has it all going for it. Most importantly, it got people talking. 

My most visited website for years has consistently been I’m a big fan of their take on how technology is culture. I’m also a longtime listener of their podcast The Vergecast. 

Peggy Olson is my favorite Mad Men character. I find her story even more compelling than Don’s. 

I love finding new music and although I’m an avid vinyl collector I’m still a fan of a good playlist. Here is my Notable Tracks playlist. I’m constantly adding to it and it’s what I put on shuffle when I don’t know what to listen to. 

This show was basically made for me, hackers, gangs, multiple personalities, and corporate corruption. The biggest thing I love about the show is how it goes beyond just the episodes. It builds a complex world by giving fans easter eggs and experiences to unpack a compelling story.

I’m thinking about the heat a lot, how it affects our brains and our bodies. I thought about it a lot last summer when I was interning in NYC and did not have an A/C unit in my sublet room, You can read an article I wrote about it here. 

Everyone loves a good party and Adidas threw one of the best ever for their relaunch of Originals. This spot helped make Adidas one of my favorite brands. 

I first played Disc Golf as an undergrad in Gainsville, Florida. It was a good excuse to wander around the woods and throw things. Recently I started taking it more seriously which has reignited my competitive side.