Joe Castagna | Simply

Simply Beverages

Brand Refresh / Product Innovation

The Gist

The Simply brand is mostly known for their orange juice products but lack audience recognition in their other growing product lines. We suggested a subtle brand refresh, refined package design, a creative campaign that took the brand out of the grove and into a new product extension that reflected consumer interests.

What I worked on

  • Strategic Statement
  • Communications Planning
  • Target Persona Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Critique

The Ask

Wake up Simply’s brand and the category we play in.

The Problem

1. Juice is in decline because of the war on sugar 

2. Simply is widely known as an orange juice brand but offers a wide variety of products. 

The Opportunity

Most juice companies don’t treat fruit right, but we do.

Simply goes through great lengths to choose only the best fruit for their juices. Not only do we use the best fruit for our juices, but we don’t add anything to spoil the simple flavor of fruit juice. 

We pioneered the juice carafe, but competitors started imitating us.

The signature packaging that elevated our brand has left us lost in a sea sameness. 

Key Recommendations

1. Reinvigorate the brand and
elevate the brand beyond juice.

2. Redesign the packaging to intrigue consumers in the aisle.

3. Create a line extension for an
evolving beverage landscape.

4. Launch a campaign to build
preference for Simply.

Brand Strategy


Perfecting juice through simplicity.


To make healthier drinks that are simply satisfying.


Elevate Simply beyond an orange juice brand to a beverage brand that
helps people appreciate the simpler things in life 


Life is sweeter when it’s simple

When life gets complicated, the simple stuff is the best treat. Whether that’s a quality breakfast or cheers to end a great night, we believe in making simple moments special. 

Simple fruit makes better juice

We believe juice should be natural. We take great-tasting fruit, and we make great-tasting fruit juices without adding preservatives or artificial flavors. We do not concentrate the juice — we just concentrate on making it good. 

Don’t mess with Mother Nature

Nobody knows how to make juice taste better than Mother Nature. We work closely with her and those who know her best — our growers — to ensure that our juices taste the way Mother intended.

Quality reflects integrity

We source fruit that meets the highest standards. We guarantee that every beverage we make tastes fresh. And if we can’t be 100% sure that our beverages are going to be perfectly delicious, we won’t make them. 



People have forgotten about the satisfaction that comes from a sip of juice because they are concerned about the sugar content.

Brand Promise

Experience the goodness of a beverage made simply.


Simply is a premium, no B.S. beverage brand.
We use the best fruit to make the best drinks for people.
It’s simple and delicious. That’s all there is to it.

Our Target Audience

Communications Plan

Creative Work

Creative Insight

Adding or manipulating the integrity of fruit isn’t treating it - or the
people who drink it - well.

Creative Concept

Simply honors the natural goodness of fruit by treating it well.


We treat fruit right.

Creative Manifesto

Logo Refresh

Logo Design Brief

  • Bright – Real fruit is so good it can’t help but make a splash.

  • Simple – Our voice, look and feel stay true to our brand’s name.

  • but still a little extra. – Do we take extra lengths to adorn our fruit in the branding it deserves? Absolutely.

Current Logo
Logo Refresh

Product Line Extension

Product Brief

The brief: There’s nothing more natural than fruit juice and water. Introducing, Simply Sparkling.

Package Redesign

Package Design Brief

The brief: A bottle distinct, yet simple.

In-Store Experience


The idea: We treat fruit right wherever it goes.




Hero TV Spot

Radio Spot


The Team


Strategist – Joe Castagna
Strategist – Hannah Barr
Creative Brand Manager – Miguel Atkins
Creative Brand ManagerCaroline Jordan




Paige Rollins – Experience Designer
Lauren Jones – Copywriter
Dakota Ward – Art Director