About Joe Castagna

A few things you should know about me

Raised in Florida

Yes, everything you heard about Florida is true. The heat makes people do crazy stuff down there. I had the pleasure of living in four distinct regions of the Sunshine State. I grew up on the Treasure Coast, spent some time in Miami then Gainesville and pursued my Bachelors of Journalism at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. 

All the Fun Is In the Kitchen

I love to host dinner parties and when I do I like to get my guests in the kitchen with me. In my opinion making a meal with friends can be more fun than eating it. My favorite dish to make is my beloved Castagna’s Lasagna. 

Baseball is My Philosophy

When I was young, baseball waxed and waned through my interest. As I grew older—and moved blocks away from the Tampa Bay Rays—my interests in the sport grew. The slow methodical nature of the game helped me learn to slow down, have a chat with a friend, and take in that moment. 

My Records Are My Archive

In order for me to get closer to the artists, I love or the ones may learn to love, I buy records. Not that I don’t use Spotify, but listening on Vinyl forces me to pay attention to one album at a time, it makes me feel like I’m hearing the music the way it was intended to be listened to. Most importantly, they last a very long time and have become an archive of my musical taste over the years. 

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